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Provide your patients and clients with on-demand access to digitally enabled health services and assistance in managing current health status, their treatments while in your care and administrative tasks between the patient and all involved stakeholders.

Our building blocks for a continuous care platform

Data Management Solution

Our data management solution helps you manage and integrate patient-generated health data and treatment information with existing patient records in your organization.

Cloud-based patient platform

Our fully configurable solution allows patients convenient options to document and manage their treatments, access patient data, additional health services (monitoring, diagnostics, coaching/support) and get in touch with caretakers.

Management and Audit Console

Our workflow-based Management and Audit Console helps you to automate administrative tasks, channel communication to the patient or to support patients in decision making based on the full width of patient data available.


Discover complementary and already fully-integrated digital health services that you can provide to your patients/clients over our patient platform or your own solution at the click of a button.

Use Cases

See how our partners are taking advantage of datalinker to offer new and innovative services to their patients.

Asthma Tracker

Collect, combine and analyze patient data across all of your patients digital touchpoints.

With datalinkers flexible REST API and ready-to-use SDK for Apple iOS and Google Android you can easily create software that allows you to deliver optimal care to patients across multiple channels, track and check in on their treatment progress and to collect and use patient-generated data to optimize their therapies.

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Why use datalinker?

datalinker is built from the ground up to help you get your innovative service off the ground quickly and cost-efficiently by making data collection, data handling and service management as simple as possible.

It takes only minutes

…to setup your new and exciting service offer in datalinker and make it available to a large audience of developers, partners and potential customers over our fully managed and flexible REST API or our SDKs for Android and iOS.

And it's equally easy

…for you to subscribe to and make use of other web services available over datalinker Marketplace. This way, you can mix and mesh capabilities and services in the way that best suits your business needs – whether you're a startup working on the next 'Big thing' or an established enterprise innovating upon existing products and processes.

With datalinker you have full control

You can fully concentrate on building and running your data-driven business or service offering while our web-based middleware takes care of getting your data where you and your customers need it. All without any up-front investments into setting up, running and managing your own infrastructure or developing an API.

And by enforcing strict end-to-end encryption, we ensure that at no point in time the content of the data being sent over datalinker is visible to anyone but you and your customers.


We are partnering with these organisations to enable new services to patients and doctors.

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