web app

The web app allows you to quickly visualize and analyze the data in your app on a big screen. Simply head over to the web app on a browser and select the web app in the list of available services on your phone. Then scan the QR code with your phone to send your data securely to your browser.

What is datalinker?

datalinker is a platform for sharing digital health data securely, transparently and comfortably with verified healthcare service providers. Our guiding principle is user empowerment over digital health data: we want you to freely decide with whom you want to share your data with and to always be able to say ‘Stop’ when you don’t want to anymore.

What’s a healthcare service provider and what does he do?

A healthcare service provider, as we define it, is an individual or an institution that you want to give access to your digital health data stored in this app. This could be your doctor, a clinic or a company that can use your health data to deliver personalized services, expertise or recommendations to you. The services they provide can be ‘linked’ to any app using datalinker, allowing you to share your digital health data from within the app.

Are all services free?

Paid or freemium services are marked as such and may involve signing up with the company/institution behind it, before you can effectively link them to your health data. All other services are free but may involve registration and signup with the service provider, for example so that you can access their web application or platform with a user account.

What services can I choose from?

Apps that use datalinker usually provide a menu point called “Export” or “Sharing”. Upon tapping on this, a specialized screen provided by datalinker will open. In it you will find:

  • Linked Services: Services from verified healthcare service providers that have been pre-selected by the developer of the app or that you individually added from the list of Available Services. You can pause/resume usage or stop using them altogether at any time you wish. Services you added will be removed once you tap ‘Stop’ while pre-selected ones will remain greyed out and will only provide a ‘Pause’ button.
  • Available Services: Can be one-off or normal services from verified healthcare service providers that are available to you in addition to the already linked ones based on the available health data in this app.

Each service has its own tile with a logo from the healthcare service provider, the name of the service and a short description about what it does with your data. Available Services also display short instructions on how to link them to your health data once you tap on the respective service.
With one-off services, like the datalinker web app, you only allow temporary access to your data (in case of the web app only for as long as the browser window is open) and they are not linked to the app permanently. Normal services will be added to the list of Linked Services once you authorized them to receive your data. By tapping ‘Stop’ you can revoke access of this service to your data permanently. The service will then disappear from the list of Linked Services and appear under Available Services again.

How do I stop/resume using a service?

If you tap on a service tile you will see:

  • A blue Pause/Resume button with which you can pause or resume using a service.
  • A blue Stop button in case of services you added previously with which you can unlink the service from the app.

Once a service is paused it will be greyed out and effective immediately no health data will be sent to the service provider. Services that have been pre-selected by the app developer can only be paused, while services that you individually added from the list of Available Services will offer an additional Stop button that let’s you remove this service permanently from the list of Linked Services.

How do I link a new service?

Linking a new service to the health data in the current app involves scanning a QR code from the service providers website with your mobile device. The QR code contains all the necessary configuration for the service to be linked.

Under Available Services you will see all services that are available to you and can be used with the health data in the current app. Each service provides a name, a logo and a short service description.

After you’ve decided which service you want to link, tap on the services’ tile. A small camera view will appear (provided you allow datalinker access to your camera) and instructions which page to open in a web browser on your computer will be shown. In case of a paid or freemium service this may require additional signup with the institution/company first.

What happens to my health data when it’s linked to a service?

Each service uses a unique encryption key which is provided to the datalinker part of the app when you link a service to an app. The app then uses datalinker part to encrypt your health data on your device before it is sent to our platform for the service to pick it up. There it is stored until the intended service downloads it from our platform. When it is successfully retrieved by the service, the data is deleted from our platform. The service then decrypts your data using a decryption key only known to the service provider and uses it for service delivery.

haako (the company behind datalinker) can at no point in time decrypt your data that is intended for service provider other than those provided and delivered directly by haako. These services include but are not limited to the datalinker web app (which needs to be able to decrypt data on-the-fly in order to display it to you in the web browser) and datalinker analytics (which collects service usage data for service providers).