Data Management Solution for healthcare

datalinker activate is our Data Management solution for the healthcare industry.

It is built to enable and support efficient, patient-based aggregation of health and medical information from all points-of-care the patient has come in touch with, so as to give you an as complete as possible view on the patient, his treatment history, current treatments and prescriptions as well as patient-generated data from mobile apps or wearables.


  • Seamless & secure integration of patient data from EHR systems and mobile applications over the datalinker Cloud API or using the datalinker SDK available for iOS, Android, Java, Python and JavaScript.
  • Allows for efficient data flows between your organization, patients, other healthcare provider (HCP) or stakeholders involved in the patients medical journey.
  • From the ground up based on well-established data formats (HL7 FHIR), which allows for direct read/write into electronic health records, integration of health and medical information across all available patient records and ensures maximum reusability of patient data for treatment, documentation or research purposes.
  • SMART on FHIR: secure authentication and access for 3rd party software hosted within your environment to electronic health records that allows you to build your own, flexible "Health Cloud" using the set of specialized healthcare solutions best suited to your organisations needs.

Decisions based on data

Eliminate the guesswork out of your patients and clients history by relying on datalinker activates Unified Patient Profile (UPP) technology.

It seamlessly integrates into HL7 FHIR compliant, public and propriertary healthrecord systems, proprietary sources of patient-generated data (such as mobile apps, remote monitoring devices and wearbales) and algorithmic models and pulls it all together into a comprehensive picture of the patient you're facing.

Combined with powerful and automated cohort-analysis capabilies, datalinker activate helps you identify gaps in data, similarities between distinct groups of patients as well as determine health progress over time and in comparison.

Streamlined processes in healthcare based on new capabilities

Thanks to its SMART on FHIR capabilities and an out-of-the box single-sign-on (SSO) patients can authenticate at any point-of-care using their mail and password or a graphical, QR-code based login and give medicians and caretakers immediate access to their electronic patient records from public systems as well as from datalinkers Unified Patient Profile.

This not only takes away the cost and pain of you having to develop and maintain your own SMART on FHIR interface to the public healthcare record system. But thanks to being build around HL7 FHIR data standards in healthcare, it also allows you to build streamlined administrative processes in your organisation - or spanning across multiple HCP.